Our Background

Brian Kahn Inc. ("BKI") was founded by its current principal Brian Kahn in 1969. When the law relating to the incorporation of professional practices changed, Brian Kahn established an incorporated company, BKI, under registration number: 1995/002655/21.

In 1997, BKI developed its own office building which it named "Umlilo House". The source of and inspiration for the name (which means "fire" in Zulu), emerging from the vision and culture of the firm which is dynamic, progressive and effective in achieving success for its clients.

We recognise the need to add value to a client's business, to participate wherever possible in achieving a client's expectation, objective and vision. We have the infrastructure, commitment and passion to do so, but can only perform at our optimum when clients are involved / engaged. This involves, inter alia, an appreciation by clients as to what is their role in the process and how they need to establish a working relationship with their legal advisors, and vice-versa. It also involves an understanding of, inter alia, strengths, weaknesses, cultures, visions, needs, hopes, ideas and on occasion, a client's dream.

Justice is like fire
Even if you cover it with a veil, it still burns.
- An African Saying -
Justice. Truth. Fairness.

The idea of justice, of truth and fairness is as malleable as fire. Laws are created by society for society and therefore are always in a state of flux. So too is the application of law. This firm’s philosophy is an extension of this belief. Clients are seen as individuals who have different belief systems, objectives and needs. This firm’s approach is to “service” the client accordingly. Some will require more logs to be thrown onto the fire, others may prefer the heat turned down.

Fire is also a symbol of the passion with which this firm and its staff approach their mandate and responsibilities. It is stoked by our interest in, and understanding of, the client’s business and commercial principles. No matter what direction the service takes, it is guided by the flames of justice that can never be extinguished.

These flames are the source of hope, warmth, comfort and satisfaction that Brian Kahn Inc. provides its clients. The symbol of fire is therefore an appropriate one for our firm.'

Umlilo - an African word which means fire.
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