Internal Code of Conduct

Our internal code of conduct is fundamental to our ethos and culture because it mirrors what we expect of our staff and what they and others can expect of us. This code forms part of each and every employment agreement between BKI and its employees and is one we are particularly proud of. It has served us well for over a quarter century.

  • We will do unto others as we would have them do unto us.
  • We will implement and maintain a professional dress code.
  • We will at all times act in an appropriate manner towards colleagues, staff, clients and service providers to the firm.
  • We will deal with conflict (or minor disputes) as follows:-
    • we will deal with it as soon as possible;
    • we will talk directly with the person with whom we have the difference;
    • we will talk in private;
    • we will not gossip or complain about the difference to others;
    • if this approach fails to resolve the difference, we will refer the matter to the Office Manager ("OM") who will treat the matter in strict confidence.
  • When we experience difficulties which impact on our working ability, we will refer the matter to the OM. The OM will seek to provide assistance as far as possible and will inform the staff member concerned (if applicable) and will have the right to inform Brian Kahn of the issues involved. The matter will otherwise be kept in the strictest of confidence and no other person will be informed of the matter without the staff member concerned's express consent, or by the staff member affected.
  • We will recognise and accept the hierarchy of responsibility (and the authority inherent therein) in the firm.
  • We will accept constructive criticism with grace and respond accordingly.
  • We will take pride in all facets of our work.
  • We will seek to encourage a productive and non-disruptive environment.
  • We will constantly strive to achieve to the best of our ability.
  • We will help others when and if we can.
  • We will give correction constructively and tactfully.
  • We will be mindful of our humanity.
  • We will listen, read and give clear instructions.
  • We will remember why we are all here.
  • We will strive to accommodate the development of the practice as a whole and in so doing will have regard for the “bigger picture” and will use our best endeavours (and where appropriate) be guided by the needs and wishes of the majority of staff to enable the practice (as a whole) to function more efficiently and to progress.
  • Whatever we do, we will be guided by two fundamental principles:-
    • it must contribute to the practice’s ability to give the best service to its clients;
    • it must contribute to an environment that has the support of its colleagues and contributes to the common good of the practice.
  • We will not be petty. We will act maturely, with responsibility and decorum at all times.
  • We accept that to pursue personal interests within the firm, if selfishly pursued and if no regard is had as to the impact thereof on the firm and our fellow colleagues, will adversely affect the morale and well-being of our colleagues and the practice. We must therefore guard against such personal interests, bearing in mind that we are part of a “machine” and that all the parts of the “machine” need to work well with each other to avoid problems.
  • We will not do anything intentionally that will impede, hinder or compromise the practice’s primary purpose - i.e. to provide a comprehensive, efficient and professional service to its clients and in so doing, create and/or perpetuate a reputation as one of the best law firms in the country.
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